Tree Types

Douglas Fir
Symmetrical and pyramidal, with uniform branches that are dense and wide-reaching, this tree has green or bluish-green needles on gracefully arching branches.

Durability helps make this aromatic tree a holiday favorite.
Noble Fir
Short, stiff branches spaced far apart allow for decorating with large ornaments. Silvery needles also define this elegant tree. Its branches are often added to arrangements and wreaths.

Grown on rich Northwest farmland, this uniquely beautiful tree is extremely hardy.

Mixed evergreen wreaths are hand-tied with the elegant silvery-needle greens of the beautiful and hardy Noble Fir, Incense Cedar, Pine, and Pine Cones. Wreaths are available as: 
  • 6-in. ring
  • 12-in. ring
  • 16-in. ring
  • 20-in. ring
  • 24-in. ring
  • Advent Wreath (6-in. ring)
A beautiful handmade bow, or bow and decorations may also be added to a wreath for an additional charge.

Florist quality Cedar & Douglas Fir mixed garland. Sold by the foot. Full coil length is 75 ft.